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June 02, 2011


Jeff Owens

For you it is a matter of choice. For me and the world that I live in it's a matter of a debilitating physical and physiological barrier. Yes, I AM FLIP FLOP CHALLENGED. I can't wear them. Well I can wear them if I don't move. I can't walk and keep them on my feet. I have endured training and ridicule from family and friends as they watch and laugh as I throw them from my feet as I struggle to keep the blasted things on. The best I can manage is a slow nursing home shuffle, keeping the soles of my feet in contact with the ground slowly sliding each foot forward. The only thing missing from the picture is a walker with some handle streamers and a bulb horn to warn of the on coming sloth of a man with flip flops.

Some say say it's my feet, some say it's my mind. I say I don't care because I, like you, prefer the security of at least a sandal with a heel strap, cinched tight like the rope on a bucking bull, ready for 360 degrees of action. At 6'4", 250 I'd rather wear a pink shirt and fringed shorts then be in a pair of the gosh darn things

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